Same features as the Pile Shirt with the versatility of two interchangeable hoods, one a windproof Paratex, the other insulated, both attachable with velcro strip. Fibre pile is replaced with a layer of Softie insulation, Reflectatherm and TS1 (Thermal Suede) to give the same performance, but in a lighter more compressible unit. Supplied with its own stuff sack.


Sizes & Weights: Small: 32-38", 700 grams

Medium: 38-42", 750 grams

Large: 42-46", 800 grams

XL: 46-50", 850 grams

XXL: 50"+, 900 grams

*Snugpak jackets fit larger than standard

Shape / Style: Base Layer Pile Shirt

Temp Rating: Comfort: -5°c

Temp Rating: Extreme: -10°c

Supplied with own stuff sack

Paratex Lightweight Fabric

Reflectatherm Heat Reflective Fabric

Softie Insulation

Thermal Suede One

Colour Olive Green

Paratex Light

Constructed from fine filament yarns (34 stands per bundle, 10,000 metres of each bundle weighing only 54 grams) each filament 10 times finer than a human hair. The gaps between the fibres cause the moisture to wick across a larger surface area allowing it to evaporate more readily, as the perspiration is evaporating from within the fabric, the user is not cooled.


Reflectatherm is a metallised fabric which is designed to reflect heat and retain warmth.A highly breathable material,which adds little to the weight or packsize of the product and provides at least 15% additional warmth whilst being undetectable by touch in the sleeping bag or garment.


Softie is a brand name for the synthetic filling used by Snugpak in their Softie ranges of sleeping bags and clothing.It utilises superfine yarns bound with special resins to produce luxurious down like feel.It is created from staple yarns which mirror the compositions of natural insulations a variety of yarn processes are applied to give more random effect,that is some are curled,some crimped and some are just left as they are.The random nature of the process results in a product that closley resembles the structure of natural insulators and the way the perform.Given all this technology Softie is still easy to care for,washable and retains a lot of its thermal properties when wet.

Thermal Suede One

Thermal suede is a lightweight polyester and suede finish which uses a combination of yarns with different thicknesses.Microfibre yarns go on the outside and microfibre go on the inside.The Macro fibre yarns are raised to produce pile,similar in feel to suede.The construction exploits a basic physical property - that water will always move from a low to high surface area or from the macro to micro filamet yarns,thus moving water from the body towards the outside of the garment <

Sleeka Originality

This jacket has often been copied but never equalled.You can be sure if it doesn't say Snugpak on the label you are not getting the high quality insulated product you deserve.

As a Registered Stockist We Guarantee that Every Snugpak Product that we Stock and Sell is 100% Genuine.

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