A Burlap Camouflage Netting Suit
Comprising of a Long Jacket,
Seperate Hood and Gaitors
All in Woodland Camo Netting
Sizes M/L 38"-44" and XL/XXL 46"-52"


What is a Ghillie Suit ?.A Ghillie Suit is a type of camouflage clothing designed to resemble heavy foliage.It is a net or cloth garment covered in loose strips of cloth or twine, sometimes made to look like leaves and twigs.Ghillie Suits are worn by Hunters or Soldiers so they blend into their surroundings and conceal themselves.Sometimes the Ghillie Suit is also known as a yowie suit.

The name comes from gille which is Gaelic for "servant".The ghillie suit was developed by Scottish gamekeepers as a portable hunting blind. Lovat Scouts, a Scottish Highland regiment formed by the British Army during the Second Boer War, is the first known military unit to use ghillie suits. The Australian Army sniper's outfits are nicknamed yowies named for their resemblance to the Yowie (Yeti)

The Ghillie suit has lots of uses , Military,Hunting,Fishing,Paintball,Airsoft or even fancy dress.

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  • Manufactured by: Jack Pyke

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